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Why Organic?


Pillows are a very important component to your sleep experience every night. Finding the right pillow can be as important as finding the right mattress. Your neck and spinal alignment depend on the support your pillow provides. Also, your face spends 6-8 hours up close and personal with your pillow every day. You are constantly breathing in every particle of dust, dander and pathogens that land on your pillow each day.

Common problems that people have with pillows are: they flatten out and have to be continuously fluffed throughout the night, they sleep hot, they don’t support my neck properly, they are giving me a rash or a headache and they smell bad. In most cases, we can correct most of these problems by fitting you with the right pillow to meet your needs. We have pillows filled with various natural materials including all-natural shredded, solid and contoured or shaped latex, wool, cotton, kapok and combinations of these materials.

It is always a great idea to purchase new pillows when purchasing a new mattress. This provides an opportunity to update your bedding and ensure that your environment is fresh. The other benefit is that you can test drive different pillows on the actual mattress that you are ordering. This ensures that your pillow and mattress work together for you. We’re happy to help you with selecting a new pillow whether you are purchasing a mattress or you just need to update your pillows.

All-Natural Latex Pillows

All-Natural latex pillows can be filled with shredded, solid or contoured (shaped) latex. All 3 varieties are very different and even within each of the different types of latex you can find difference among manufacturers. Shredded latex is the same latex rubber that is used in the latex mattresses except that it is shredded into a fine and fluffy cushion for your head. It feels more like a traditional pillow in that you can move around the stuffing inside but it doesn’t continuously flatten out and it keeps you head and neck aligned and comfortable. The shredded latex pillows that we offer come in standard, queen and king sizes and some are designed with zippered inner and outer covers that allow you to open the pillow and remove some of the latex so you can customize it to your perfect fit.

Solid latex pillows come in various shapes and sizes. We carry regular rectangular shaped, contoured shaped, convoluted contour shaped and cradle shaped. The various shapes of latex provide different benefits. Some work well for side sleepers while others are better for back sleepers. Shaped solid latex is a great replacement to memory foam pillows, especially for customers who have experienced rashes or headaches from memory foam. Solid and contour solid latex pillows come in standard, queen and king sizes.

Wool Fill Pillows

Wool provides many benefits for sleeping. Wool is non-toxic, temperature regulating, resistant to dust mites, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. It is great for anybody who experiences breathing issues related to allergies or asthma while sleeping. Although it doesn’t stay as “fluffy” as some other materials, it is easy to revive a wool pillow by just placing it in a window for a few hours and let the sun shine on it.

Wool pillows come in two varieties, carded wool and wooly bolas wool. We offer carded wool pillows in a soft feel which contain 1 ½ lbs. of wool per standard size pillow or a firm feel which contains 2 lbs. of wool per standard size pillow. Carded wool pillows also come in queen and king sizes. Wooly bolas pillows are made with little clusters of wool that provide a fluffier feel. The wooly bolas pillows that we offer come with a zippered cover that allows you to adjust the density of the pillow by removing or adding wool fill.

Cotton Fill Pillows

Cotton fill pillows are soft and fluffy and feel more like a traditional feel. The cotton fill pillows that we carry contain certified organic cotton with a certified organic cotton cover. You can choose between light, regular and extra fill to create the perfect feel for you. Cotton fill pillows come in standard, queen and king sizes.

The benefits of cotton fill pillows are similar to wool fill pillows in that they are non-toxic, dust mite resistance, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial and they promote REM sleep. Cotton fill pillows are highly recommended for children.

Kapok Fill Pillows

Kapok fill pillows are a natural, hypoallergenic alternative to down pillows. Kapok is a fiber from a renewable natural source, kapok is harvested from the seedpods of the once-sacred ceiba tree. The tree, which is known for its medicinal uses, also provides food, shelter and transportation for its ecosystem, including humans. Kapok is 8 times lighter than cotton and has a uniquely supportive quality while maintain resistance to dust mites and freedom from allergens. Paired with an organic cotton zippered cover that allows for adjusting the comfort of your pillow, this is the perfect addition to your bedroom. Kapok pillows come in standard, queen and king sizes and are recommended for people of all ages.

Other Pillows

Other pillows include combinations of the materials including wool and shredded latex and wool and buckwheat hulls. Each combination provides a different level of support and comfort. We keep floor models of different combination pillows in our showroom and provide assistance will selecting the right pillow for your needs.

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