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Vote for The Organic Bedroom in 2016!

This year is an election year. A year in which we will decide on the future of our county but equally important, it is the year you will decide whether to sleep healthy or remain status quo with your polyurethane stuffed mattress covered in who knows what? As you suffer through the debates, the non-stop […]

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All I Want for Christmas is a Healthy Mattress!

Well it’s that time of year again and WOW did the year fly by! Now the fun is about to begin. It’s time to battle the traffic at the malls, fight for parking spaces and stand in long checkout lines with other frustrated shoppers. All of this time, energy and effort going into finding just […]

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Should You Buy a Mattress From a Furniture or Department Store?

The Glenwood Avenue landscape in Raleigh is well known in the Triangle area as being the place to buy furniture. You will find large national chain stores, local stores, department stores that carry furniture and those famous stores that are perpetually “Going Out of Business” and are “Liquidating All Assets”. Furniture stores are great if […]

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Evils of Mattress Shopping on The Internet

There has been a large influx of consumers who are spending a lot more time researching organic and natural mattresses on the Internet before taking the time to visit a store like ours. The Internet has a lot of really great information but it has just as much not so great information and as a […]

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How To Shop For A New Mattress

  It’s that time of the year we all enjoy – MATTRESS Shopping Season!!! As the spring moves along, every other radio and television advertisement is for “the greatest mattress sale ever” and “you must buy your new mattress now”. May arrives and all of a sudden the view along Glenwood Avenue changes. As we […]

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Disagreements in the Bedroom

They got married in 2003 but it wasn’t 2006 that they started sleeping in the same bed. There was trouble from the very beginning. They are complete opposites when it came to sleeping. She was a light sleeper and he could fall asleep just thinking about a bed. Her restlessness led to constant movement during […]

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“Blue Heaven” aka Chapel Hill

Over the past several weeks the small North Carolina town of Chapel Hill has been written about in the national news for a multitude of reasons. Growing up in western North Carolina in a home of diehard University of North Carolina sports fans, UNC was often referred to as “Blue Heaven”. Coach Dean Smith was […]

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