Congratulations to John Howard-Smith, new CEO of Savvy Rest 

When we first came up with the idea to start The Organic Bedroom we reached out to many companies. We did a web inquiry to Savvy Rest and the very next day we received a call from John Howard-Smith with Savvy Rest to discuss what we were trying to do. We were blown away with his honesty, his advice and his direction. He came down to our showroom several weeks before we opened and gave us insight on how to become successful. While most companies would only work with us on Credit Card terms John and Savvy Rest took a chance with us and provided us with the credit terms our company needed to start The Organic Bedroom. Savvy Rest was the first vender to send us product for display and they have been a core part of our business since day one. We can truly say we are proud to be a Savvy Rest dealer and we want to congratulate John Howard-Smith on his promotion as the new CEO of Savvy Rest. Once again Savvy Rest proves they know what they are doing.


Joey and Vicki Ashley