Go ahead we dare you to search the internet until you wear your fingers and your brain out for a mattress with the materials this has in it. The Brentwood is a triple coil mattress with all natural talalay latex, certified organic cotton, plain air wool and camel hair all covered with a stretch knit organic cotton cover. What you will eventually find are some high end European Brands at about 2-3 times the price of this mattress. The Brentwood is an incredible luxury mattress which has to be felt to believe.


To achieve the unique support dynamic in our Brentwood  mattress, we combined three layers of coils with distinctively different characteristics. This composition deflects pressure and provides a luxurious feel of weightlessness.

At the surface of the Brentwood is a layer of Swedish micro coils with an unparalleled stretching ability combined with soft natural Talalay latex which gently contours and yields to your body’s curves. A middle layer of over 1500 mini coils joined with another layer of latex provides additional stabilizing contour. The base layer of nested coils offers flexible support. Together these more than 3,000 independent coils create a supportive, responsive feel with outstanding surface comfort.

We complete our triple coil design with a stretch cotton cover quilted to wool combined with a generous amount of camel hair. Camel hair is finer than sheep wool and provides exceptional performance with regards to humidity control and temperature balance combined with sumptuous softness.

  • Triple coil design for luxurious feel and contour
  • Base layer of nested, highly flexible Swedish coils
  • Middle layer of over 1,500 mini coils with 1” of soft natural Talalay latex
  • Comfort layer of unique Swedish stretch pocket design with ¾” soft natural latex
  • Breathable organic cotton knit quilted to a combination layer of wool and camel hair for exceptional sleep climate control and cushy comfort.
  • Durable Polypropylene wrapped coils
  • Dual-sided firmness option for couples